Andrea's Oriental Dance

Belly dance classes and bellydancing courses in Leicester.
Learn the art of belly dance with one of the best teachers in East Midlands. Hire belly dancer. Andrea is a professional belly dance artist renowned for her grace,energy and stage presence.



 Andrea an internationally recognised Belly dance artist, professional performer, teacher, choreographer, costume designer and show producer. 

She is a founder and Creative director of 'Chaînes Dance Company' based in UK and a proud owner of the Chaînes dance & fitness studio in Leicester UK

Andrea is mainly know for her fantastic performance, stage presence, original style, grace and muscle control.

Originally from Slovakia Andrea dedicated her early years to competative sport, fitness and dance. From the age of 4 she started a full time training in Gymnastics and later Athletics. By the age of 15 she was one of the 10 fastest track and field athletes in her home country. At the age of 16 she took a first step to become a professional dancer and devoted her life to dance ever since. 

Andrea is a Masters degree graduate from Commenius University in Bratislava with specialisisation in physical training for dancers and gymnasts.

She is also a qualified personal trainer, aerobics instructor and sports coach.


Andrea started Belly dancing in 2002 and professionally performed around UK and Europe ever since. She traveled the Europe and Middle-east to improve her style and technique. Highlights of her carrier includes performances for top clients including major car manufacturers, TV show production companies, hospitality companies, Dance agencies, Event management companies and Stage show companies.

List of clients:


As a teacher, Andrea has 21 years of experience in various dance styles including Street dance, Latin, Contemporary, Cabaret, Belly dance, Bollywood and more. 

She runs Belly dance classes in her own professional Chaînes dance & fitness studio in Leicester UK and often teaches the workshops for festivals, community groups and team building events.

Throughout the years she developed unique teaching structure which helps the students to progress fast and effectively. Andrea is know for her friendly and bubbly personality that creates un unforgettable atmosphere. She is very supportive and encouraging teacher with the individual approach that makes each of her students feel special and helps to progress at their own personal pace.

Andrea also provides private tuition, workshops, hen parties and mehndi nights experience. Specialised weekend workshops are annually held throughout the summer.